Experimenting with stomp boxes !

Experimenting with stomp boxes !

Today I am in a good shape and I have got fresh ears.

Earlier this week, I already modified an Ibanez AZ242F with a set of Dimarzio’s (Tone Zone / Air Norton) and I really liked the sound and feel of the mod.

I found that today was a good moment to (re-)test some guitar effects and their combinations. With exactly that guitar.

For drive, I had the JAM Rattler, Fuzz Phrase, Red Muck and Lucydreamer, the Providence Heat Blaster, Maxon TS-808, SD-9 and the Chase Bliss Audio Brothers preselected.

I could not make up my mind : the Maxon SD-9 or the Chase Bliss Audio Brothers both were favourites in the end.

Next : delay. Maxon AD-10, Earthquaker Devices Ghost Echo and the Teisco Delay were on ! For long the Teisco and Maxon were combatting in my mind.

Both sounded great on their own, but as soon as the Brothers or SD-9 kicked in, it became something really different. The SD-9 gave the Teisco a nasal eq filtering but was ok with the AD-10. And the Brothers made the Teisco shine, more dull with the AD-10. Interesting !

To see if there was something with my ears I connected both drives to a trusty Line 6 DL-4 on the analog delay setting. And that sounded perfect with both the drives. Ok, good to know as well !

Lesson learned : mix, level, time and feedback work about the same on many echoes. But the timbre of that repeating sound might differ a lot when you put another preamp pedal in front of the same pedal !

Have some good experimenting yourself !

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