Guitar picks are important

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Let us have a word on guitar picks. Often guitars do not care a lot.
Beginners always ask me : which one should I use ?
There is an answer : take as many different ones as you can and start using them all. Thin or thick, nylon, delrin, celluloid or even plain carton if you like. Shark, teardrop, regular, pointy, … get and try them all. And all of a sudden, there will be one you will like.
If you have a soft attack, you might want to get a thicker one, if you do karate on your guitar, maybe a bit lighter might work, because at a certain point the pickup will get confused with all the severe string movements.
Personally I am very keen trying new pedals, amps or guitars. But I am a dinosaur when it comes to changing my favourite pick … Usually I change models every 5 years or longer.
Yesterday I opened a box of Jim Dunlop EVH picks, rather medium to thin nylon with an extra grip. The pick tin was laying on my desk for a month already and only now I got curious what Edward has been using for the last years.
I have an original celluloid Ernie Ball EVH pick from 1995 in my collection and it is clear to me that the Dunlop was a new choice for Edward Van Halen.
At first I found it ridiculously flexible, but when actually trying it on a guitar with 010’s, it was actually very precise and the tone was good. It also balanced out my heavy attack I developed in the last 7 years.
You will find me experimenting for another hour or so …

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