Lundgren and Bruce, the Bumblebee

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Question :
Did you ever design, wire or make a guitar without a tone control ?
It is something quite intense, finding the right ‘fixed' pickup sound. Because apart from the volume you have no other dials … It cannot be too trebly or too dark.
Lundgren pickups to the rescue !
Lundgren has quite a diverse palette of guitar pickups to choose from. Different eq, outputs, number of strings, type of magnets or wrap wire or number of windings, regular scattered, … made for different vintage and contemporary styles.
The guitar is called ‘Bruce’ and we needed something to sound exactly how it should be.
Of course we tried the ’Suckerbucker’ and ‘V60' single coil pickups and they were great, but maybe just a hint of too much presence. It is very much a balanced go-to setup, but not today ...
The 'Black Heaven' is hot too, but maybe just a little too much for the occasion.
Another very interesting humbucker we already installed into customers guitars is the 'Hot Heaven’ but we were out of stock when we experimented.
So we came back to another pickup that came into mind, based on the description on the Lundgren website and a previous instalment for a customer … With alnico 4 rather then alnico 5 ...
Yes, the 'Heaven 77’ and we had a set ready on the desk ! Surely we nailed it ! Thank you Lundgren ! Checkout the pickup here :
It is so juicy, not too hot, not too trebly but with enough bite. It’s a perfect fit ! And it is hard to put down the guitar too !
Enjoy playing !

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