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This Sunday was a good day for tone experimenting !

Everybody knows that the right pickup can do wonders on your guitar. Finally getting the tone you want …
That counts when playing on tube guitar amps as well as … eh … on digital amps.
Sometimes the right output, impedance, the right signal flow, can do wonders interacting with a digital machine as well.
Spending a few hours playing with the Line 6 HELIX and the same instrument, loaded with Seymour Duncan SSL-5, Lindy Fralin Real ‘54s, Suhr V70 or the Suhr ML set, … revealed a lot !!!
Every pickup has an influence, making the feel, the dynamics and sound different :
The SSL-5 is nice, it has more output and is a bit compressed, so the Helix reacted well to it.
The Real 54s set is great too : not too much output and not too much peaking the signal. A bit bright.
The V70 were still brighter, with less output, and that was a real challenge on the HELIX because of the peaks in the signal.
Every pickup was tested on different presets, developed in the last few months. Many changes in amps, fx and even IR’s were done !
So finally, the winner today is the ML set !
1. it has a very even response
2. it does not sound too bright, keeping everything very ‘vocal’
3. like the Real 54s, the set consists of 3 different output/impedance pickups, with the bridge pickup just a litter hotter in output.
4. the HELIX loves it !
Hope this information can help you too !

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