Power amp tubes in guitar amplifiers

Power amp tubes in guitar amplifiers

The truth about guitar amp tubes :

These days, some shops are selling ‘matched’ JJ/Tesla EL34 or 6L6 tubes under 20 Euro per piece.

We are selling them at 39 Euro per piece.

What is the difference ?

In fact, the tubes we are selling are superior in quality then the ones you find elsewhere. This is because our selection criteria are more severe, in our standards. We are not tolerant : as soon as necessary, we will reject the tube.

A lot of tube manufacturers have different selections. Premium, standard and rejected ! Everybody now wants to recuperate the rejected and use them anyway, to gain money !

Companies that buy the ‘same’ tube ‘cheaper’ and pair/match them themselves have other tolerances and most of the times use tubes that are inferior to the world of guitar and hifi applications. This more then often is the practice.

We at Groove Street 98 do not want to use inferior tubes, for sound quality, preserving long life and other reasons, push-pull wattage differences …

Defective tubes can and will damage transformers, capacitors, resistors, … And they destroy other tubes.

The amount of extra work on your amp is considerable. Work hours are expensive !

So is the difference in price justified ?

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