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Since the start of Groove Street 98 in 2003, we always carried Line 6 gear. There is a very good reason for it to do so :
Line 6 is the pioneer in modeling, the software recreation of an amplifier or effect.
First, Line 6 created modeling.
The quality of sampling got better with the years. HD modeling was introduced and finally HX modeling.
Due to the evolution to better hardware, they got closer to the real feel and sound of all that studio and live gear as well.
We have personally been at the Line 6 research center in Calabasas California and got blown away … it is impressive ! The Line 6 sound design team showed us their secret studio and let us experience how they recreate an amp sound and reaction of a Soldano head, measuring we believe it was over 30 critical points in the amp with different precision calibrated devices. We did a very convincing A/B test of the original and digital version of the head and could not tell the difference.
The range of contemporary and vintage effects reproduced in the Helix range is massive and the range of amplifiers as well.
Each reproduction of a referenced effect uses the same control parameters as the real one.
Line 6’s modeling process can reproduce the components of an amp. Including the preamp, power amp, speaker, speaker cabinet, microphone and distance from the speaker !
It is a piece of cake to reproduce the sonic fingerprint of a specific recording signal path and room with Line 6 Helix, the flagship for Line 6.
Upgrading the firmware has always been easy. And with every version, more legendary amps and effects are added.
Line 6 Helix has found the way to recording studios and huge, live performing artist in a way unseen. A lot of passionate musicians are using Helix as well.
Checkout the complete list of all the gear that has been reproduced by Line 6.
These are all the Helix family units in stock.

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