The Yamaha Revstar guitar range

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Let me talk to you about the Yamaha Revstar guitars, and why they are so cool …
Yamaha introduced this line of guitars, early 2016, inspired by the stylish lines and effortless performance of the Café Racer bikes that coloured the streets of 1960s London …
It’s a stripped down, tuned up high performance package of sublime guitar craftsmanship indeed. To me, a Revstar, is something special, something new to embrace ! You will stand out from the crowd, not being the person with the thirteenth in a dozen 'classic shape’ models.
Through the entire range you will find, hand-selected premium parts and materials combined with an ingenuity and know-how that reflects Japan’s detail-oriented engineering ethics.
Let’s take the RSP20CR in burnt black : this guitar really 'burns' in sustain ! Crafted in Japan with premium mahogany, has a maple top and a genuine rosewood fretboard … all cool.
It’s equipped with two very musical Alnico V pickups, wound for tone ! ( I believe Yamaha explained me they tested over 50 different pickup designs for this project. ) And it is not just sonic-wise not a one trick pony !!!!
Because it has this passive push-pull dry switch, a filter, cutting bass, instead of coil-splitting. Very good idea Yamaha, because this resolves the 250k or 500k question, compensating for the treble differences. This filter gives the punch and clarity of a single coil pickup minus the inevitable hum and hollow tone often associated with split humbucking pickups.
The Revstar can give you edgy LP Junior / SG sounds, with a lot of high treble bite ! Or regular fat LP humbucker tones. With a 24-3/4 scale and mahogany all over, a piece of cake.
Using the right OD or booster, with a bit extra treble and using the dry switch, you will get a fair percussive sound, very close to Strat or Tele single coils. In fact, if your Strat or Tele does not have the right vintage pickups, the Revstar will beat it, hands down.
TonePros AVT-II wrap-around bridge and TUSQ nut. It’s all fine. We have other +2.000,- Euro guitars in the shop with this as well, it’s definitely all good stuff. Including nice and precise tuners.
This guitar got the initial response acceleration treatment from Yamaha. And it works for sure !
( If you've ever played another guitarist's instrument and not been able to get the same sound, it's probably because you are playing a different style than what the guitar is used to. After playing the same guitar for years, the guitar adapts to the guitarist's playing style. It takes time for a new guitar to adapt to your own way of playing. Stress found between parts like finish, woods, body, neck, fingerboard, nut, bridge, etc., must be released before all of the parts can resonate together as an instrument. It takes time and a lot of playing for this to happen. Using IRA technology, stresses like those between the finish and wood are released by applying specific vibrations to the completed guitars. Once this treatment is complete, the guitar responds accurately to the guitarist's performance and produces sound more easily. It also shortens the time needed for the guitar to adapt to your playing style and it delivers excellent sustain ! )
This is no nonsense, we promise …
Now, the shape, the comfort playing it : I love it !!!
A beautiful hand-brushed satin finish and a copper pickguard, racing stripes on the body, a cream binding as well. Stylish metal knobs, nice pickup cover texture, …
Meanwhile, the RS820CR, the RS620 and the RS502 are all in the shop to be discovered and very much approved as well !
We are getting in most of the other models soon. Happy to find something fresh and cool in the monotone world of electric guitar shapes.

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