Why it is important to buy from a specialist guitar shop

Why it is important to buy from a specialist guitar shop

Let's give an example, one from our many personal experiences in the field ...

Back in 1993 I was in for that awesome and new Peavey 5150 head, a stunning 100w beast ! Developed with the input of Eddie van Halen.

So, after work, I went to a small specialised shop who was supposed to have got the entire stack in stock, for a test. I even brought my own guitar along. But, unfortunately, few ours before, they sold the head and one of the 4x12 cabinets. Those cabinets were loaded with Sheffield speakers ... Top !

So, no way to test that day. I was too curious to know ...

Later on, I visited a big generalist store. They had the combo version of the same amp in stock. So I took time to test it. And to my great surprise, it sounded horrible !!! I was so disappointed ! So I refrained from buying a Peavey 5150.

It was so strange ... Each time I heard people play on that Peavey 5150, they sounded great. And I never did on that combo ?

Years went by. Bought other stuff, opened a real specialised guitar shop. Repaired an old Peavey 5150 recently ... And that 5150 sounded awesome, with me playing it !

The conclusion : I found out that the 5150 they were trying to sell me back in the day was defective, intermittent failure of parts. The salesman, who did not know a lot about the Peavey 5150, really was pushing, proposed a huge discount, ... He wanted to make money and get rid of the problem in one go.

What a rip-off !

Although I never bought that combo, I lost a lot of time, was very disappointed, misled, ...

I found this important to be known to you ...

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