Yamaha Revstar 2.0

Yamaha Revstar 2.0

Yamaha recently introduced a brand new lineup of Revstar electric guitars.

Originally launched in 2015, Revstar was the first new electric guitar series from Yamaha in more than a decade, drawing on the brand’s heritage in electric guitar design and the heritage of motorcycle design from the Yamaha Motor Company.

The new Revstar series offers three tiers, two pickup choices, new switching options, and a new range of racing-inspired finishes. You will absolutely find the perfect fit for your sound and your style.

The Revstar design is inspired by café racer motorcycles—stripped-down performance machines that were customised to reflect the personality of their riders.

This guitar balances Japanese innovation and traditional artisanship. Modern features enhance playability, versatility and tone, while the design references classic Yamaha electric guitars going back to 1966.

The renewed lineup introduces a new neck profile across all models, with a satin paint that feels very at home.
The new series have a new range of racing-inspired finishes and for the first time in history left-handed models are available too.
All models feature chambered bodies developed with Yamaha’s Acoustic Design process. Using advanced measurement and modeling tools, Yamaha developed the chambering pattern to specifically shape tone and increase resonance while lowering weight and optimizing balance. 
All new Revstar models feature unique switching options for increased versatility.
Revstar Element models feature the Dry Switch high-pass filter that was introduced in the original series. 
Revstar Standard and Professional models, available with either humbuckers or P90-style single-coil pickups, feature the Focus Switch—a passive boost function that evokes the sound of overwound pickups—as well as a unique 5-way switching circuit that offers a new twist on classic in-between sounds.
Groove Street 98 is an ambassador for Revstar guitars, we are convinced you will like these guitars maybe even more then we do ...

The first ones have arrived at Groove Street 98 and we foresee a bright future for this range of guitars !

These are all the Revstar guitars that are in stock or underway.


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