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Real McCoy Custom RMC-1 wah

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Since its release in 1998, the RMC1 has gained the reputation as one of the best wah pedals in the world.

Based on the most requested hot-rod mods done over the years, this hand built wah delivers more sweep range than mass produced wahs.

Besides the increased range, the RMC1 produces a more musical sweep with a repositioned sweet spot, richer mids and a stronger low end than most any wah on the market today.

The RMC1 has always had a strong boost but, for Fall of 2019, RMC decided to cut it back to make the pedal not so much in-your-face.  Like the original RMC1, using my 100K RMC-ICAR wah pot.

Includes licensed fuzz-friendly technology, true-bypass, exclusive RMC ROC-POT potentiometer, easily adjustable rocker tension and AC adapter jack.

Made in U.S.A. by Geoffrey Teese !