Collection: Yamaha electric guitars

Yamaha is a well-known and respected brand in the world of musical instruments, including guitars. Yamaha guitars encompass a wide range of models, catering to players of various skill levels and musical preferences.

One notable aspect of Yamaha guitars is their consistent quality and value for money. They are often praised for their craftsmanship, playability, and tone across different price points. Yamaha also produces signature models in collaboration with renowned artists, further expanding their range and appeal.

Overall, Yamaha guitars are popular choices for musicians seeking reliable instruments with a combination of quality construction, affordability, and versatility.

Overall, the Revstar series has gained recognition for its combination of classic looks, modern features and excellent value for money. It's popular among players looking for versatile electric guitars that offer a balance of retro charm and contemporary performance. The style is inspired by café racer motorcycles that were customised to reflect the personality of their riders.

Pacifica Professional guitars were designed for players seeking their own unique sounds. Meticulously crafted in Japan, they deliver superb sound and playability, and feature alder bodies, slim C-shape maple necks with compound-radius rosewood or maple fingerboards, Reflectone pickups co-developed with Rupert Neve Designs, and a choice of several vibrant finishes.