Go to a specialised guitar shop

Published on 12 april, 2023
Go to a specialised guitar shop

Well, in 1993 I was in for a new amp.

I started playing guitar in 1992, had a little practice amp and needed something bigger in order to be at least as loud as the drummer of my first band.

So I started my research.

At that time, the Peavey 5150 came around and I was looking to test it, somewhere in Belgium or the Netherlands. But I did not found one soon ...

It must be a year later, when the Peavey 5150 combo came out, that I rediscovered the option of purchasing a Peavey 5150.

And I no longer wanted to wait. I went to a specialised guitar store, known for stocking the complete stack. But when I came in they just sold the head. So I was unable to try the amp. Bummer.

On my way back from that shop I found out that a shop not far from where I lived in the day, received a 2x12 combo from the same series. So I drove there and tried the amp.

I was very disappointed about the sound. And I could not imagine Edward Van Halen put his name on it. I refrained from wanting to own a Peavey 5150.

In 1995 I went to the secret Van Halen Birthday concert in Luxor, Arnhem, the Netherlands, as a lucky invitée. And I saw a huge stack of Peavey 5150 amps and heads backing up Edward. And it sounded huge.

Why did he sound so well ? I was unable to get such a sound from the combo I once tested.

I think 25 years went by when in my own guitar shop a touring band came in with a defective Peavey 5150. it was just a small issue and I quickly brought life into it again. We took a Music Man from the wall, plugged in and connected a cabinet ...

The sound was awesome, my hair was standing up, goosebumps, ... wow !

So what is all this about ?

I got mislead by a musical instrument store sales guy who wanted me to buy a discounted and defective Peavey 5150 combo he did not want to send back for repair. The guy thought he could just sell me the thing by discounting, rather then by being honest about the state of the amp. My ears were/are too good to notice something was not ok.

Even worse, this experience in the '90's impressed me that much that I refrained from wanting anything from Peavey ... thought they were no good. And it was not true at all in the end !

So I can as a guitar player and as a guitar shop owner advise you to always seek a good, experienced, specialised and honest guitar store, like Groove Street 98 in Belgium, in order not to be bullshitted and loose time.

I hope you agree !