The ideal electric guitar pickup setup

The ideal electric guitar pickup setup

For 30 years I am either working on my own guitars or customer’s guitars. And I have found great solutions for all of us.
Ok you have a good double humbucker guitar but it lacks high end bite ?
Sure, get the right lower output Lundgren pickups, place them closer to the strings, install 550k potentiometers, get rid of the tone controls, and more. Change strings more often, change string brand or put thicker gauge strings is another forgotten thing fore many. Or use decent guitar cables, not the cheap ones that act like a resistor and filter/color your sound/bleed off the highs.
You have a 2 or 3 single coil F°)-nR guitar, feels -great to play but the sound sucks ?
Well, in case you are after a Hendrix sound, John Mayer or Frusciante, Malmsteen or Steve Lukather tone, there are a few tricks and model choices you can consider.
But before you start soldering other pickups in, meticulously check the values of your potentiometers. That is a golden tip : the higher the value, the more treble passes. If you have a 1972 Telecaster and it sounds too bright, I am sure swapping the 1M potentiometers to 250k will already help a lot.
It gets more complicated when you want to split both humbuckers on your guitar or even worse, mix 2 single coils with a humbucker on your superstrat. I am not just talking about the wiring. The right potentiometer value choice is crucial too. Maybe a secret parallel resistor will do magic.
In all cases, feel free to contact the shop if you have any questions. And you are more than welcome here, locally in Brussels, to discuss things and let us do the work for you.
See or hear you soon about it !



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