Trip to Calabasas, California.

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Trip to Calabasas, California.

California calling !

Intercontinental flights, were brought to you by Howard Hughes. A pioneer in his time.

One of today’s pioneers, the inventor of modeling effects, is Line 6. It’s headquarters are located in Calabasas, California. And that is where we headed last week.

Line 6 started releasing digital guitar gear back in 1996. If I remember well, it was 1998 or 1999, when the first stomp boxes arrived : the DL4, MM4, FM4. Very nice effects, with programable presets. For a very fair price. And these three stompboxes are still in production and that is nearly 20 years ago as well.

Many customers picked un a Line 6 product. Even John Frusciante, now ex-guitarist of the Red Hot Chili Peppers used Line 6 fx on tour.

Groove Street 98 sold a lot, loads of guitar players are familiar with these ... yes, I was talking to fellow guitarist Filip Bollaert, just hours before writing this report. He shares the same opinion on the DL4, that damn good guitar delay !

For a short period, it became harder to get Line 6 gear. Since Yamaha took over the company, everything changed. And even more great stuff was developed.

Digital processing got more powerful !

Line 6 has been busy again. And innovation is in their dna !

Did you know that Line 6 is the same people that brought you the ADAT technology, a long time ago, before creating Line 6 ?

They invented modeling : recreating hardware in software. And today others are happy to copy ...

In time, they created modeling, later HD modeling and finally HX modeling. Quality of sampling became better with the years.

The sound design team showed us their secret studio and let us experience how they recreate an amp sound and reaction of a Soldano head, measuring I believe it was over 30 critical points in the amp with different devices.

And we did a very convincing A/B test of the original and digital version if the amp. Incredible !!! Amazing, they are really splitting hairs ! We were unable to tell if the modeling or real stuff was on ...

Just to give you an example that their modeling works great !


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