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JAM Pedals Jam Ripply Fall
Jam Ripply Fall
Chorus, vibrato and phaser in one pedal
€339,00 €339,00
MXR MXR EVH-177 Flanger
MXR EVH-177 Flanger
Features an Unchained switch for instant EVH tone
€227,00 €227,00
MXR MXR EVH-90 Phase 90
MXR EVH-90 Phase 90
Both Script and Block style phasing
€189,00 €189,00
MXR MXR CSP-026 '74 Vintage Phase 90
MXR CSP-026 '74 Vintage Phase 90
The classic, simple, no led
€217,00 €179,34 €169,00 €139,67
Walrus Audio Walrus Audio Fundamental Phaser
Walrus Audio Fundamental Phaser
Simplified controls, friendly phasing
€139,00 €114,88 €109,00 €90,08
Walrus Audio Walrus Audio Fundamental chorus
Walrus Audio Fundamental chorus
An emulation of a classic analog chorus, recreating bucket brigade modulation
€144,00 €119,01 €119,00 €98,35
Walrus Audio Walrus Audio Fundamental tremolo
Walrus Audio Fundamental tremolo
A classic optical tremolo, giving you that iconic chewy sound
€144,00 €119,01 €119,00 €98,35
Earthquaker Devices Earthquaker Devices Pyramids
Earthquaker Devices Pyramids
Stereo flanging device
€399,00 €329,75 €324,00 €267,77
Jackson Audio Jackson Audio New Wave
Jackson Audio New Wave
A reboot of the '70s chorus and more
€369,00 €304,96
JAM Pedals JAM WaterFall
JAM WaterFall
This is an extremely versatile, rich, 3D sounding, tone- machine
€249,00 €205,79
JAM Pedals JAM Ripple
JAM Ripple
Based on a legendary pedal from the 70's
€189,00 €156,20
JAM Pedals JAM RetroVibe Mk.3
JAM RetroVibe Mk.3
The majestic sounds of the best Uni-Vibe pedals from back in the day
€389,00 €321,49
JAM Pedals JAM Harmonious Monk Mk.2
JAM Harmonious Monk Mk.2
This one covers a huge amount of sonic ground and it will inspire your music
€269,00 €222,31
GFI System GFI System Synesthesia dual channel modulation
GFI System Synesthesia dual channel modulation
An advanced, yet user friendly dual-channel multi modulation pedal
€479,00 €395,87
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