Start to play guitar

It was in 1992, when it all started.

You know, or you don’t : nobody is born guitarist. We all somehow make a first encounter with the instrument, somewhere in life. We practice, we get better, … it does not happen in a miracle or so.

You just courageously take a deep breath and go for it.

You take the first steps, lessons, you go to concerts and look at the guitar player how he does things, … and you find the right player that has the style you like. So you can try to play like that.

The musician who got me into the idea of playing guitar in the first place, was Joe Satriani. But that was only a start. Steve Vai, Nuno Bettencourt, Joe Walsh or Brian May were around as well.

I found out that Joe was a huge fan of Jimi Hendrix, so I had to figure out that too.

I read many Guitar Player magazines and read about Edward Van Halen, Michael Landau, Steve Lukather, … about cool guitar gear.

I was lucky enough to find a teacher graduating from the Antwerp Jazz Studio. And went to study there a few years later myself.

Not that I wanted to become a jazz musician, but I found it a good method, instead of studying classical music. Nothing wrong with either style.

1993 was a good year too : I bought a lot of good guitar gear and that lead to many more hours of playing the guitar. The electric guitar ! Indeed, not the acoustic one. Was not interested in that at first. And yes you can perfectly start playing an electric guitar from zero. No need to play an acoustic or classical model first.

Found out about Dweezil Zappa, Mike Keneally, Andy Timmons, Jerry Cantrell and John Frusciante. A lot of hours listening to all that.

Yes you listen a lot and copy. Nothing wrong with that.

And then it was time to play in my first band ! I had a lot of fun playing in my bedroom, but it kind of gets boring and once you play in a band, interact with others, there is no turning back.

The next stage is … getting on stage ! And that is the real drug …

Do you want to start playing guitar ? Get on with it, come in and we’l get you started the proper way in just a few minutes.

See you soon.


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