Marshall Vintage Reissue 255X Silver Jubilee

Marshall Vintage Reissue 255X Silver Jubilee

Damn, in 1998 a fellow musician came to me to get his Silver Jubilee Marshall checked, it stopped working. He claimed it was the best Marshall ever … In that era, I was into boutique guitar amp brands and did not believe such a Marshall could also be great. Was I wrong !

Because now I realised that this Vintage Reissue Silver Jubilee is a stunning amp. Clean is more then ok, crunch and lead are real fun ! You would be needing an extra push, a small pedal, to get into metal walhalla, but that is ok …

Forgive me for being so ignorant and spoiled.

Having tested and/or owned a lot of brands of good amps like, Bogner, Rivera, VHT/Fryette, Custom Audio Electronics, Suhr, Friedman, Soldano, Victory, EVH, … I can make certain conclusions in 2021.

Technically, it all started with a Marshall. The tone stack from a Fender Bassman, more gain and a hell lot more of power amp grid. And those brands fine-tuned some of that. Or added more channels. But they invented nothing new.

Becoming technically much more educated, for the last 6 years, doing all these repairs and so, I learned all this.

And I am happy that Groove Street 98 now comes back to an original. Not that the others are so bad. Those can be very convenient for certain situations. But they are so expensive, for a start.

I salute you : long live Marshall !
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