Short Jazz Guitar Masterclass by Dario Chiazzolino  5 September.

Short Jazz Guitar Masterclass by Dario Chiazzolino 5 September.

Bring your guitar along to Groove Street 98 !

Internationally acclaimed artist Dario Chiazzolino is deemed as one of the most considerable today's jazz guitarists. Well- known as phenomenal player with a significant musical personality, he has performed all over the world both as band leader and side man with many of the top American and European jazz artists including Yellow Jackets, Billy Cobham, Bob Mintzer, Horacio "El Negro" Hernandez, Andy Sheppard, Dominique Di Piazza, Jason Rebello and many others. According to famous USA Magazine Guitar World, Dario particularly impresses thanks to his innovative improvisational skill. His phrasing is unpredictable and looks forward into the future.
The young guitarist/composer is one of the biggest breakout musicians of the new generation - not just in jazz, but in all genres of music.

Dario will perform at the Sazz 'n Jazz, 500 meters from the shop on Wednesday and give a Masterclass on Thursday on Rue Royale 59 Koningsstraat ...

This is your step up to a broader view of the guitar landscape. Certainly the covered subjects are also used in other styles of music .. you will be surprised !

He will be talking about chord voicing, outplaying, timing and jazz guitar technique and answer some questions.

Feel free to join us - free entrance for all guitarists :))

Whatever level you are at, come in and pick up some new ideas ! Really everybody is welcome !

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