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D'Addario D'Addario EXL148 12-60
D'Addario EXL148 12-60
The Player's Choice
€7,80 €6,45
D'Addario D'Addario EXL145 12-54
D'Addario EXL145 12-54
The Player's Choice
€7,80 €6,45
D'Addario Guitar peg-winder
Guitar peg-winder
€8,00 €6,61
D'Addario D'Addario EXL140 10-52
D'Addario EXL140 10-52
The Player's Choice
€8,40 €6,94
D'Addario D'Addario EXL125 9-46
D'Addario EXL125 9-46
The Player's Choice
€8,40 €6,94
D'Addario D'Addario EXL116 11-52
D'Addario EXL116 11-52
The Player's Choice
€8,40 €6,94
D'Addario D'Addario EXL110 10-46
D'Addario EXL110 10-46
The Player's Choice
€8,40 €6,94
D'Addario D'Addario EXL120 9-42
D'Addario EXL120 9-42
The Player's Choice
€8,40 €6,94
D'Addario D'Addario EXL115 11-49
D'Addario EXL115 11-49
The Player's Choice
€8,40 €6,94
D'Addario D'Addario EJ22 13-56
D'Addario EJ22 13-56
€9,00 €7,44
D'Addario D'Addario EJ21 12-52
D'Addario EJ21 12-52
€9,00 €7,44
D'Addario Lemon oil
Lemon oil
€9,80 €8,10
D'Addario Glass slide large
Glass slide large
€9,90 €8,18
D'Addario D'Addario EJ27N Classic Nylon
D'Addario EJ27N Classic Nylon
Designed specifically for beginner classical guitarists
€10,50 €8,68
D'Addario Offset pedal adaptor
Offset pedal adaptor
€10,60 €8,76
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Whether you're a shredder or a tenor, the backbeat of a band or the leader of a symphony, D'Addario makes the tools that make your instrument perform on a higher level.

While their family has been in the business of making strings since the 17th century, they have expanded into every form of music–from woodwinds to percussion, orchestral to all fretted instruments.

The boundless curiosity and pioneering spirit continue to fuel our belief that there's a better sound, a better product out there.

So you can keep pushing music–and your instrument–into exciting, unexpected, and extraordinary places.

Choose D'Addario strings and accessories !

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