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Amplifier repairs

We have saved the day for a lot of bands, feel free to drop in without any appointment during opening hours.

We are the Brussels reference when it comes to modifying and/or repairing your amplifier ! You have a capacitor leaking, resistor fatigue, crackling potentiometers, rusty parts with bad contacts or you just wan to swap speakers ?

We are here for repairs, re-tubing, optimising and modifying your amp !

Following does not include parts :

Disassemble & assemble amp 18,-
Search work/measuring amp ask
Potentiometer replacement 8,-
Knob replacement 3,-
Premium tubes swap ask
Fixed bias tubes matching ask
Tube protect optimisation ( filaments ) 45,-
Bias adjustment 30,-
Bias circuit installation 80,-
Tube sockets contact clean 19,-
Tube filament 6.3v correction 23,-
Input/output capacitor replacement ask
Filter capacitor replacement 60,-
Other capacitor check/replacement ask
Input/output jack replacement 10,-
Resistor check/replacement 22,-
Tone optimising ask
Tone stack modification ask
Up-charge small circuit board work 15,-
Bright switch added 55,-
JTM45 style EQ 77,-
Blues Jr. Tubes circuit board replacement 90,-
Replace power or output transformer ask
Install Mercury or Heyboer transformer ask
Oscilloscope & play test 5,-

And more is possible !

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Easy to reach on the outskirts of the pentagon, easy to park

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