Marshall amps

Jim Marshall had a store, sold a variety of musical instruments. All these talented British young guitarists were complaining of not getting the tone they wanted from the amplifiers available. So Jim decided to build something new ... the Marshall Sound was born. It was 1962.

Marshall went to another level in 1965 when Pete Townshend demanded the sound to be louder with a bigger stage presence. The solution was, to the horror of roadies everywhere, the Marshall 8x12” speaker cabinet. But Jim quickly replaced these with two stacked 4x12” cabs giving rise to our iconic Marshall Stack.

In 1966, a well-known local drummer and former student of Jim, Mitch Mitchell, started playing with a then relatively unknown American guitarist called Jimi Hendrix.

The rest, as they say, is history !

There have been a lot of boutique brands, all inspired bij Marshall, but this one is the original that started it all ! The good old Marshall sound !