Guitar repairs

We have saved the day for a lot of bands, feel free to drop in without any appointment during opening hours.

We are the Brussels reference when it comes to modifying your guitar as well.

If you are looking for a certain sound, we can recommend and install different pickups and more electronics.

Following does not include parts :

restring instrument 16,-
intonation and string height adjustment 23,-
bridge height adjustment 7,-
Floyd Rose complete setup 90,-
fretboard cleaning/conditioning 9,-
fret polish 12,-
fret crowning 22,-
complete fret dress 80,-
electronics check, 10,-
pickup repair 17,-
potentiometer replacement 8,-
capacitor upgrade/replacement 6,-
pickup replacement 30,-
switch replacement 20,-
jack replacement 7,-
nut replacement 19,-
neck adjustment 9,-
broken neck repair ask
tremolo/Floyd replacement 45,-
piezo installation 65,-
transducer installation 35,-
tightening tuners 7,-

Just some of the things we do ...