Reverend guitars

Reverend guitars is old school. Believing the wild idea that each instrument matters. The idea that giving a damn about what you make is about the only thing that qualifies you to make it in the first place. To believe the crazy notion that there is an edge, an allure, even a hint of danger when you get your hands on this guitar and you might change the world with it.

Reverend Guitars embodies the idea that every run of scorching lead and every roll of fingerpicked twang deserve the same passion and commitment to quality—whether you’re selling out arenas or playing in your living room. Reverend guitars knows that what makes an instrument powerful is when players wield them to create something remarkable. A melody that moves mountains. A riff that just don’t quit. Reverend guitars want to be there in your hands when that happens.

That means staying true to what you believe.

You see, somewhere along the road of electric guitar history, it became a crazy idea that guitar makers should craft guitars played in a bedroom or an arena with the same sense of purpose and passion.

If that’s a wild idea, then we’re in the right place, carrying six strings and an attitude, and we’re in good company !

Reverend. Wild Forever.