Yamaha guitars and amps.

Yamaha has been making guitars since 1966, with tradition in mind. But that doesn't make them stuck in their ways. Whether it's a completely new way of building a guitar, or just a new switch tip, innovation is what makes for a Yamaha guitar.
Todays modern designs are developed in Calabasas, Los Angeles, at the Yamaha Artist Services (YASLA) facility. It is home to exciting development projects, unique custom builds and instrument modifications.
Yamaha has a level of detail and precision not usually associated with a company the size of Yamaha.
The SG1820, The Pacifica, the Revstar or the LL16, A5, ... these are classics in the world of guitar.
Groove Street 98 is happy to work with this giant, Yamaha, the largest musical instruments manufacturer on the globe.