Blackstar HT Studio 20 combo

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This is an original HT Studio 20, completely checked, tubed and biased by the shop. It was only used at home, but it has enough power to go live with a drummer ...

A real deal !

With almost every player wanting to be able to access tones from the sonic palette of the classic US and UK amps, the ISF alters the tonal characteristics of the three tone controls in the EQ section from US type at one end of the scale to UK type at the other. Sweeping between these extremes allows a huge amount of experimentation and choice that would otherwise be impossible.

The cathode biased EL34 based power amp stage gives the player an amazing palette of sound to enjoy. Form a light crunch that softens back to totally clean as you turn down the volume of your guitar to an utterly flat out high gain distortion that combo amp handles the lot.


  • Tube amp combo
  • Class A
  • 2 channels


  • 2 12AX7 preamp tubes
  • 2 EL34 power amp tubes


  • 1x12
  • 20 watts


  • Voice switch
  • Reverb
  • FX loop
  • Direct out


  • Used/new tubes
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