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Bondi Effects Del Mar OD MkII

Bondi Effects Del Mar OD MkII

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Back and better than ever! The Del Mar mk2 combines the much-lauded Del Mar sound with the refinements that a further decade of engineering experience brings. These refinements include:
Our cleanest, most robust power supply ever
The lowest noise floor of any pedal in our line
Significantly reduced noise (22dB improvement to the SNR compared to the Del Mar Overdrive mk1)
Quiet true-bypass switching

The Del Mar was conceived in an effort to add a Tubescreamer-style clipping stage to the Klon Centaur. I’ve always loved the clean half of the Centaur, but my favourite clipping stage has always been the articulate and detailed response of the Tubescreamer.

My engineering sensibilities at the time were perhaps somewhat naive, and my attempts to incorporate aspects of the Klon, Tubescreamer and Bluesbreaker actually resulted in something that is not exactly like any of them.
In retrospect, I think that engineering things in the “wrong" way resulted in an inadvertently unique result, which at this stage and with the benefit of hindsight, is something I’ve come to be very proud of.

Robust power input protection
Clean Boost, Overdrive, or a blend of the two
Dynamic and natural, responsive to your pick attack or volume knob
Internally boosted to 24 volts - just plug in your normal 9V power supply and we take care of the rest
Toggle switch, controlling the amount of headroom and character of the drive (the lower position gives an aspect of "Bluesbreaker" style clipping)
Powerful active tonestack, capable of 15dB of boost or cut
Soft touch true-bypass switching
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