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KarDiaN CHCL3 Chloroform drive

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The world of vividly colored glasswork is a symphony of craftsmanship, from the raw materials to the crafting techniques.

One of the pedal genres called 'transparent' is also known for its glass-like overtones.

The idea behind the CHCl3 or Chloroform was to build on that transparency and color it with the dull tones of a good old overdrive.

So the Chloroform is a bluesy overdrive pedal that is designed to be transparent, but with just the right amount of comp and dead midrange.


  • analog


  • Mono in
  • Mono out


  • true bypass


  • 9v DC
  • Center negative
  • 2.1mm barrel plug (standard)
  • max 65mAh
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