Line 6 MM4

Line 6 MM4

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This is it, folks ! The first digital stompboxes that have been igniting creativity, passion and sheer awe since Line 6 first released them 1999.

Nothing opens up new guitar vocabulary quite like modulation. Drenching your tone in tremolo, flange, rotary speaker, chorus or even ring modulation can help you find your singular language on the instrument, while giving your listeners chills, thrills and psychoactive spills. But while run-of-the-mill chorus pedals and off-the-shelf tremolo boxes are rarely more than one-trick ponies, the tone-packed Line 6 MM Modulation Modeler rides into town with a treasure trove of vintage analog-style modulation and modern tone manglers, while providing the 24-bit stereo signal path and true bypass demanded of the digital domain.


  • modeling


  • true bypass with electronic relay-based


  • 9v AC
  • 2.5mm barrel plug
  • max 2000mAh


  • new