Lundgren Heaven 57 raw nickel covered set

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Lundgren has built this pickup with all the right features. They had some good P.A.F.s from late 50s to compare with.

Think Billy Gibbons or Gary Moore or why not some other blues or jazzplayer.

Wound with Plain enamel wire. They had put much work into the details with 5-40 pole screw, wooden spacer beneath the butyrate bobin and a baseplate of nickel silver.

Maybe the biggest impact of this pickups sound is the special alnicomagnet which contributes to this pickups pleasant wooden character. Standard High legs nickel silver base plate and braided single conductor with shield.

Bridge is alnico 4. 7,94k. Short legs, 4-lead cable for all switching options.

Neck is alnico 4. 6,96k. Short legs, 4-lead cable for all switching options.

Standard nickel screws. Option; Rusty screws can be bought in our shop.

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