Lundgren Tele Hot bridge Vertigo neck pickup set

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In the bridge position you have some extra power with throaty mids. A pickup wound with a thinner copper wire compared to the Vertigo. This model has also much more turns of copper wire than our Vertigo model. The mids are more pronounced compared to the vintage model with less treble. 11,12k.

Vertigo neck is used by some of the greatest rock artists. The most popular Neckpickup for Tele. 7,38k. The small sound scoundrel has Alnico 5 magnets bobbins made from fibreplate and all wound with a thinner AWG 43 Plain enamel brown copper wire. The magnetic polarity is reversed for use together with bridge pickup so you don't get any hum usually associated with single coils when used together.

The Hot Bridge in the bridge position together with the vintage model Vertigo pickup in the neck position is a dream team/combination. Versatile !


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