REVV G20 head

REVV G20 head

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Dan Trudeau, President & Head Designer :

The G20 was the next logical step.

D20 was received so well & immediately people were dropping it into their studios, live rigs, modeling rigs – the tube tone & Torpedo-Embedded together can give you great tone in any situation, including some we didn’t even think of ourselves !

The D20 worked so great for pedal users so also putting our signature gain sound into that form factor just made sense. It sounds & feels great! It was important to me that we get our high gain Purple Channel tone right, but I also added some quality of life features like recalling different channels & voices with MIDI, as well as ensuring each Aggression Mode sounds very different so you have a lot of distinct tones available to you.

The goal was to make something self contained for guitarists that don’t use a lot of pedals – I’m sure we’ll be surprised again by what people do with this amp !


  • Tube amp head
  • Class AB
  • 3 channels


  • 3 12AX7 preamp tubes
  • 2 6V6 power amp tubes


  • Hi/lo power mode
  • 20/4 watts RMS


  • Buffered FX loop
  • XLR direct out
  • Two notes Reactive Load & Virtual Cabinets
  • Headphone output


  • External bias test point/adjustment
  • Padded carry bag
  • Inspiring tone developed with Nashville sessions guitarists


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