Victory Amps V40 The Duchess

Victory Amps V40 The Duchess

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This single-channel, all-valve design is all about maximum tone with minimum confusion, housed in the same light and portable chassis as the award-winning V30 The Countess. Blues/roots-inspired players will find all the elusive, vintage pushed clean and drive sounds they love. Voice 1 offers mid-’60-type American warm clean tones. Voice II is subtly stronger and more ’50s in character. As you push the gain and engage the Mid-Kick function, the V40 takes on a more ’60s British voice for timeless blues-rock tones. All the time the V40 responds to your guitar, responds to you: it’s one for the ‘feel’ players.


  • Tube amp head
  • Class AB
  • Single channel


  • 2 12AX7 preamp tubes
  • 12AX7 balanced preamp tube
  • Silicon diode rectifier
  • 2 EL34 power amp tubes


  • Hi/lo power mode
  • 42/7 watts RMS
  • Single ended power mode
  • 1.5/0.5 watts RMS


  • Voice switch
  • Mid kick
  • Reverb
  • FX loop


  • New


  • Footswitch
  • Padded carry bag