Victory Amps VX The Kraken

Victory Amps VX The Kraken

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Victory's grey two-channel monster starts with classic British-inspired, crunching rhythm tones in Gain I mode. Gain II sears on into tight, aggressive American high-gain grind, perfect for progressive and extended-range players. It may be a small box, but VX The Kraken is packing a versatile 50-watt power section that you can use at home, in the studio or on the biggest stages. It'll even travel as hand luggage when you fly! One for the gain addicts, VX The Kraken.


  • Tube amp head
  • Class AB
  • 2 channels


  • 3 12AX7 preamp tubes
  • 12AX7 balanced preamp tube
  • Silicon diode rectifier
  • 2 EL34 power amp tubes


  • Hi/lo power mode
  • 50/15 watts RMS
  • Single ended power mode
  • 9/2 watts RMS


  • Bass focus switch
  • FX loop
  • Dual master volume


  • New


  • Footswitch
  • Padded carry bag