Benson Amps Germanium Fuzz champagne

This pedal is designed around two germanium 2N527 OR 2N404 Germanium Transistors. Graded for gain and leakage and carefully matched to sound their best. Setup in the ubiquitous 60’s circular fuzz topology and tuned for good sound and include some additional oddities aimed at solving the issues that prevent more widespread use of Germanium devices. THE FIRST FUZZ PEDAL WITH AUTOMATIC THERMAL BIAS TECHNOLOGY The bias of the transistors in this pedal is automatically regulated by a circuit that gently warms the transistors to a preset operating point using analog components, and ensures a consistent sound, no matter the external temperature. When the LED is orange, the transistors are warming up to increase their hFE (transistor gain) and to shift the bias point to the correct voltage. When the LED turns green, the warmer is off because the correct bias and hFE have been set. Expect the LED to toggle back and forth every so often while the pedal is on … that is how you know its working. The heaters will warm the transistors enough to still be effective on a sunny stage, but far cooler than anything that would harm the transistors. This pedal is designed to operate between freezing and 100˚F but might still sound fine outside this range. There are two colours: Studio Black is not meant for direct sunlight, Solar White is fine with it. They found there is a 20˚F difference between a black pedal and a white pedal in direct sunlight.

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267.76 € VAT Included

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After a reputable career as a sought-after amp technician in Portland, Chris Benson founded his own company to make the amps he felt were lacking in the market.

With runaway hits like the Monarch and Chimera, Benson has served a unique corner of the boutique amps market.

The Benson Preamp was launched in 2018.

Tidy aesthetics and excellent artist connectivity are premier components of the brand.

Benson has become known for creating a community feel within the customer base.

Notable collaborations include Chase Bliss Audio and their Automatone Preamp.