Cioks SOL power supply

Since 1991, the Danish company has been providing reliable power supplies dedicated for effect pedals.

SOL is the ultimate solution for bringing life to a small to medium-sized pedalboard setup, especially if you are using power-hungry pedals. SOL is the smallest mains-powered switch-mode power supply we make at CIOKS (no wall-warts here) and the no-frills design plus massive power will leave you free to focus on your creative spark.
Featuring the same 660mA at 9V DC per outlet and four switchable voltages on each outlet as its bigger brother CIOKS DC7, SOL is the most powerful small form-factor power supply available today with a total of 30 watts of DC power available.

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142.14 € VAT Included

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CIOKS Power supplies

The CIOKS story started in Copenhagen, Denmark in November 1991 when Poul Ciok who still runs the company today turned 18 and formally founded the company. Having been a dedicated guitar player and an electronics enthusiast for years prior to this, Poul had trouble finding a proper way to power his growing pedal collection and this set him on the course we know today.