Ibanez AF75 BS

A great jazz guitar to start with.

The AF is the most traditional design within the Artcore series.
The full-hollow body construction means there are no sound blocks in the body. This construction method produces a rich, complex tone, expressed with a pure voice and full body, the tonal characteristics most highly desired among the discerning Jazz player.
Ibanez first introduced Artcore back in 2002 and it has remained a workhorse hollow-body guitar for musicians all over the world ever since. The Artcore's combination of quality workmanship and affordability has created legions of devoted fans from diverse genres as blues, country, rock and jazz. Artcore offers musicians the purity of an old school jazz-box or a hybrid semi-hollow rocker. The line is highly respected for its tone, sustain and, expressive playability.

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428.90 € VAT Included

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Ibanez Jazz guitars today and for the last 30 years at least, an equivalent to some of the older brands, known for making this type of instruments.

The Ibanez original Super 58 humbucker has its place next to the classic, original Seth Lover humbucker of the days.

Many artist have chosen Ibanez, for a good reason. Amongst them George Benson, Pat Methane and John Scofield. They have a signature guitar with the brand.

Because Ibanez makes some of the best guitars for jazz too. Traditional style hollowbody or semi- hollow body, with great sustain and resonance.