Stringjoy Signatures Balanced Medium 11-50 Nickel Wound Electric

Stringjoy Signatures | Nickel Wound Electric Guitar Strings

These are one of our proudest inventions. We take the smooth balanced top end of our Balanced 10s, and then split the difference on the bottom between a typical set of 10s and a “Heavy Bottom” set of 10s.

The result is just right for a ton of players, a bit heavier on bottom, without being too much. We love them, and we know you will too.

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14.88 € VAT Included

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Guitars are fun. Amps are fun. Pedals are tons of fun.

But strings ? For most folks that’s just something you grab off the rack — an excuse to go to the guitar shop down the street and check out all the gear that’s a little more, well — fun.

Strings are way, way more important than people think. When you play the guitar, you’re really playing the strings. You manipulate the length or tension of each string to create a given pitch. That pitch resonates through the wood of the guitar or engages the electromagnetic field of your pickups to create the sound you know and love.