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CHase Bliss Audio FX

20th/21st century sounds

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19th century sounds


Groove Street 98

The Brussels guitar shop since 2003


Perfectly good guitars

Checkout our exclusive inventory, make new friends, discover things


Exclusive guitar fx

Back in 2003 we started this huge collection, selecting and deselecting brands


Top of the bill guitar pickups

We are working with a few brands only, because they got what it takes, in our experience


State of the art amplifiers

We have the best for your money, Mind the neighbours, with these tone monsters


Tone consulting

We will spend time with you finding the right tone, maybe you will even rediscover your own gear


Parts and tubes in stock

Ready for most emergencies, because we have the tools, the parts and the know-how


Artists that came along

Check the impressive list of artists who came in for service


Easy ride and parking

The shop is on Rue Royale and can be reached easily by car, bus, train, tram and metro