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JAM Delay Llama Mk3 Groove Street 98 Ltd.

JAM Delay Llama Mk3 Groove Street 98 Ltd.

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The Delay Llama is a tone machine that will become an indispensable part of your sound adding warmth and depth through organic repeats which seamlessly integrate into your playing, courtesy of its BBD chips, faithful reproductions of the Panasonic MN3205.
Its straight-forward layout is addressed to delay users who are looking to elegantly enhance their hard-earned tone, similarly to how a tape-echo machine would with no frills.
The mk.3 version expands on the utility value of this modern classic, while retaining the form factor and ease of use, by introducing Tap Tempo with subdivisions and Hold (self oscillation) functions. You can also set the bypass mode to trails (buffered) or truebypass!
The Delay Llama mk.3 comes with 600ms max. delay time, and can also be used with bass guitars.

Level of the repeats on top of your dry signal
D Sets the delay time
R:Sets the amount of repeats
3-way toggle-switch : selects between quarter, eighth and dotted eighth notes - only works relative to the time you TAP in not the time knob
Internal trimmers:
Internal trimmer to set the trails' fade out time - accessed via the hole on the center of the top PCB - sits on the lower PCB

Internal trimmer to set the max. number of repeats (multi-turn) - blue rectangle with golden screw

This is a Groove Street 98 Brussels limited edition, an excellent souvenir of Europe !
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